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100% high strength continuous polyester thread.
Braided yarn for sewing machine. Suitable for use on Blake, Rapida and similar machines. Available ready for use with various finishes: rough, lubricated, waxed or semi-waxed.

Indications for use :

      • Sewing soles with Blake machines – Goodyear type
      • Side seam box soles – Opanka type
      • Sewing with Rapida and Rapidissima machines – Ideal type
      • Welt stitching

Suitable for:

      • Machines: Adler, Falan, OBE, Mec-Val, Ciucani, CMCI, Bertolaia, Nuova Fimac, Moenus, USM, American Shoe M/C, Duer, Caporali, Alberti, SPA, Jupiter Pedersen, Landis, Puritan.
Total Title dTexLinear Density (m/Kg)Tensile Strength (g)Elongation (%)Needle (n°)
MethodEN ISO 2060EN ISO 2060EN ISO 2062EN ISO 2062Sewing MachineBlake MachineRapid Machine
Blake0.6 mm23202410431041501250020140-1802-352
Blake0.8 mm35303670283027251900020160-1803-450
Blake1.0 mm47004880213020502440020180-2005-645-47
Blake1.2 mm73707660136013053430021200-2506-743
Blake1.4 mm93909760106510254500023oltre 250-41
Blake1.6 mm12000125008308005720023oltre 250-39
Blake1.8 mm14200148007006756600023oltre 250-37