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Flat metallic braided yarn.
Metallic braided yarn for decorative stitching on leather and uppers. It can be sewn directly onto the needle. Available flat or round.

Indications for use :

      • Highly decorative stitching on uppers and leather goods
      • High fashion stitching clothing
      • Hand threading on pre-punched leather
      • Suitable for machine sewing, in the needle, up to 0.8 mm.
TypeMethodTotal Title dTexLinear Density (m/Kg)Tensile Strength (g)Elongation (%)Needle (n°)
EN ISO 2060EN ISO 2060EN ISO 2062EN ISO 2062
PiattoMetal 1.0 mm31003220520035-
PiattoMetal 2.0 mm649015402500020-
TondoMetal 0.2 mm6001666010002090-110
TondoMetal 0.4 mm11009090250020110-130
TondoMetal 0.8 mm19005260400020180-200
TondoMetal 1.0 mm800012501800020-
TondoMetal 2.0 mm197005051300016-