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American type waxed cord.
Waxed cord for hand sewing American-style moccasins, with one- or two-needle methods.

Indications for use :

      • Hand sewing of American type loafers with one or two needles
      • decorative stitching on uppers and leather goods
      • Hand sewing of soles
      • Tacks and reinforcements
Total Title dTexLinear Density (m/Kg)Tensile Strength (g)Elongation (%)
MetodoEN ISO 2060EN ISO 2060EN ISO 2062EN ISO 2062
ArticleN ° Heads
West 0.6 mm3527018901850020
West 0.8 mm4702014202450020
West 1.0 mm5867011503030020
West 1.2 mm6110909003880020
West 1.4 mm7117908504120020
West 1.6 mm8140507104900020
West 1.8 mm9158006305530020